Australian Tweens, Teens and Technology

Last year McAfee undertook some quite revealing research into the online behaviour of Aussie teens. Entitled ‘The Secret Life of Teens ‘ this research report taught us that 95% of our teens are accessing Facebook daily, 31% have broken the law through piracy and a shocking 6% have met up with a stranger they met online. Some very concerning stuff!!

But what about the tweens? Our soon-to-be teens? What are they up to? Do we really need to know what is going on?

This week, McAfee launched a very insightful research report into our Aussie tweens with the release of the Tweens, Teens and Technology Report. Launched by Senator Stephen Conroy, Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy during Cybersecurity Awareness Week, the report reveals that children as young as eight are adopting the online behaviour of teens. So, yes – we need to know what is going on!!!!



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