10 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe in the Twittersphere

Should your kids be on Twitter? It’s a logical question, and one that has likely come up in your home. After all, Twitter is a leading social network and kids follow trends. Our answer: It’s a personal decision made in the context of your family. Our input, however, is that if your kids are on Twitter, help them play it as safe as possible.

Here’s some Twitter 101 to help keep your kids safe in the Twittersphere:

Set up the account with your kids. Set privacy settings to the max and make the account private, which means anyone seeking to “follow” the account must be “accepted.” It’s easy: Click on “Settings” from your account, click on “Account” and check the box saying “Protect my tweets.” Set up your own Twitter account. Learn the ropes. Follow your kids. Be their Twitter coach. Make sure they know not to tweet their location,…

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