5 Creative Ways to Curb Your Kids’ Tech Time

From smart phones, to tablets, to ipods, and laptops, we “put on” our technology these days as easily as we put on our shoes. And, like shoes, few of us would think of leaving home without our gadgets. The same holds true for kids.

So how do you manage your kids’ screen time so it doesn’t hinder family relationships and responsibilities?

Well, sometimes you simply have to get creative!

Based on your family’s personal priorities and schedule, consider some creative ways to establish technology limits at home.

Here are 5 creative ideas to inspire you:

Introduce the “gadget basket.” Put a small basket on the kitchen counter. Ask everyone in the family to place their phones in the basket until they complete homework, chores, or practice. Use this basket at the dinner table and family gatherings as well. Establish a “go dark” day. Set aside one day a week…

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