5 Lies Parents Tell Themselves About Online Safety

If you are a parent you are likely familiar with the 24/7 critic that silently (and relentlessly) loops in your head. You know the one: Its intensity varies depending on the day. It accuses you of not doing enough for your kids, of doing too much for them, and then it convinces your overwhelmed self that everything is “A-okay-hunky-dory” while dangers abound.

Relax. You are not alone in hearing voices—especially when it comes to the sometimes daunting task of staying on top of your child’s online life. While the Internet has given kids an irresistible feast of learning, peer sharing, and fun, it’s also led some parents (myself included) to entertain a false sense of security as they daily struggle to keep pace with change.

So what can you do? A great start is to identify the lie when you hear it and call it out!


Here are 5…

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