75% of Teens Don’t Tell Parents About Negative Online Experiences

How much are teens really telling their parents about their online experiences with the opposite sex? Not much as 75% of teens would not tell their parents about negative experiences online.

More and more teens are online today than ever, and more and more are sharing their personal lives over the online medium of social media. 95% of teens are online with 80% participating actively in social media, namely social networks. Social Networks like Facebook provide a place to share personal photos, thoughts, and communicate with friends and sometimes even strangers.

The communication though is not always pleasant or wanted. 23% of all teens online have experienced some form of unwanted attention from the opposite sex, which made them feel uncomfortable, pressured, or even threatened.  The question though is, what happens after these teens have experienced this behavior? Well, 75% of the time it goes unreported to parents of…

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