Catch Your Kids Being Awesome Online

It’s easy to zoom in on your child’s digital life and point out what they are doing that could be considered risky or inappropriate. But what about the things they are doing right? Social networks present a treasure trove of teachable moments for parents, and rewarding great digital behavior is all part of the overall safety equation.

Try this: For the next few weeks just listen to what’s going on in your kid’s digital circles. You may be surprised at the positive strides your kids make on a daily basis.

Praise your kids when you see them:

Encouraging others. Expressing empathy. Being a leader. Turning a negative conversation positive. Having a great sense of humor. Celebrating another person. Including other people in an event or conversation. Responding well to conflict. Being non-judgmental. Showing gratitude. Expressing their feelings authentically. Being humble. Being an original. Becoming a great writer. Showing courage.…

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