Cyberbullying: How to Be Part of the Solution

Cyberbullying is a public health issue that continues to go through its own kind of “social fog” as schools, parents, students, and law enforcement attempt to establish some common guidelines in dealing with episodes of online harassment.

Some schools and local police departments have met cyberbullying head-on. They’ve implemented a clear process to handle cyber bullying cases. They’ve committed to educating teachers and students around the issue, and some have implemented hotlines students can use to place anonymous calls for help. Still, others seem to still be struggling.

I recently found this out first hand when I had to report a photo of a local teenager that appeared on my Facebook feed. Another student (authoring an anonymous Facebook Fan page) put a sexually obscene caption on the photo. Dozens of kids played along by adding their own crude remarks as comments under the photo.

Though the student wasn’t my…

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