Hard Lesson: Your ‘Friends’ Might Hack You Too

We sure didn’t see this one coming. Turns out, our teenage son’s password (and our bank account) recently got hacked—by a friend.

Seems the theft was pretty simple to pull off. The culprit—a frequent visitor to our home—simply looked over my son’s shoulder as he typed in his iTunes password. Then, for the next six months the “friend” proceeded to download nearly four hundred dollars in songs, video games, and apps. We didn’t notice the twenty dollars here or the five dollars there until recently when he got greedier spent $35 in downloads in one day.

It took us several days of contacting iTunes, working with our bank and interrogating our own kids before we figured it out. The most surprised person: my son. The betryal stung his trust and taught us:  A) how easy it is to get someone’s password B) the reality that we are not as secure…

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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