How to Coach Your Teen through the ‘Selfie’ Craze

Kids call them “selfies” while parents (likely) call them “image overkill.”

A “selfie” is simply a photo that teens (mostly girls) take of themselves while holding the mobile camera at arms length. They often come in floods online—sometimes dozens a day depending on a teen’s exuberance. Posting photos is nothing new, however, selfies are exploding with the popularity of Instagram. And while posting umpteen photos may seem harmless to a teen at the time, let’s face it, the constant stream of “me, me, me” is not the healthiest reality.

As a mom of a 13-year-old daughter it’s more than a little disturbing watching the cycle of  “fun.” Here’s how it usually goes: Girls will purse their lips, try to look more mature, get in front of the bathroom mirror, and crowd into the camera lens. They get their hair just right. They use a photo app to adjust the photo…

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