How to Decode the Slang Your Teen Uses Online

No, you haven’t entered the Twilight Zone. The teen slang and texting acronyms really are changing that fast. Slang is part of growing up and naturally emerges as a distinguishing mark of teens. But in today’s digital hangouts—where pictures, posts, and videos go viral with a click, slang is amplified. While some of the acronyms, phrases, and slang are funny and even clever, some terms have become online codes designed to keep parents in the dark.

Here’s the latest in online speak you may see in your teens texts, posts, or tweets:

YRIK: This stands for Yeah, Right, I Know. This simply means, “I’m in agreement with you.”

YOLO: This is an acronym for You Only Live Once. Sounds inspiring at first glance but YOLO is a term used for an unwise decision—or an excuse for an unwise decision—such as cutting class.

Dougie: The term “dougie” comes from the name…

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