It’s All Rock and Roll…To Parents

To parents worried about the Internet: we’ve seen this before.

When rock and roll began floating up through basement ceilings across the country, it scared parents because it was different, innovative, and fast. It also scared parents for good reason: it changed the way kids communicated, socialized, and thought about sexuality.

The Internet is no different.

It’s innovative, different, and fast. Instant messaging acronyms are replacing normal speech so quickly that we may soon hear a high-school valedictorian closing with “OMG tks TTYL.” Girlie magazines are no longer hidden in the bottom of your closet, and are now available at a search engine near you. Having 650 friends, of whom you know 15, is now the norm.

Just as early juke joints drew infamy when rock and roll was new, magazines like Details are writing about how the accessibility of pornography is changing the way teens think about sexuality.…

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