Keeping Kids’ Self-Esteem in Check in a Digital World

Can Facebook really put a ding in your self-esteem? According to a recent study—yes.

In the study, conducted by Humboldt University in Berlin and Technical University in Darmstadt, German researchers found that of the 600 Facebook users polled, a third (one in three) of the respondents reported feeling negative after being on Facebook.

Constantly seeing friends’ vacations, love lives and accomplishments on Facebook can cause envy and trigger feelings of misery and loneliness, according to researchers.

If this is so for adults using Facebook can you imagine how kids and teens must feel online? As a parent, you’ve likely spent a great deal of time building your child’s self esteem and celebrating her uniqueness. However, a few flip comments online or not getting the expected “likes” or “comments” on her new outfit, can leave a child feeling “less than” and falling into an endless trap of comparison.

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