Know Where They Go: YouTube Basics for Parents

If you can hear your kids hysterically laughing in another room, chances are they—and their friends—are watching videos on YouTube. The numbers are staggering: Over 4 billion YouTube videos are viewed a day, which is about “500 years of YouTube video” each day, according to YouTube.

What’s the big deal? Well, everything if you are between the ages of 12-18. Kids are searching for memes (popular viral videos), music, funny crashes, stunts, people, or mishaps, celebrities, and how-to videos. They are also searching for sex and porn, according to YouTube’s top 10 stats. The goal: entertainment and to be first (coolest) to discover and share new content.

No parents, you are not imagining things: The digital gap between parents and teens is growing at an alarming rate. One way to begin closing that gap is to travel the roads your kids travel online; get in the game so you can…

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