Online Dating Tips for a Digital World

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a holiday full of flowers, candies, and exhortations of love and affection from your significant other. However, the day’s emphasis on all things couple can lead those without an SO to feel that they need to be reaching out more than usual, which can often lead people into online traps.

Millions of people use online dating sites to broaden their networks and meet potential mates, but not everyone on these sites are sincere—some are scammers hoping to lure you in with false affection, with the goal of gaining your trust, and eventually, your money.

In a typical scam, the cybercrook will create a fake online dating profile, complete with attractive photos. Then, they reach out to you one-on-one via email, chat, text or phone, trying to establish a relationship and gain your trust. Once trust is established, they may ask for money for…

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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