“Oversharenting” and How Parents Can Share “Too Much”

“I ate. Pooped. Slept.” Imagine this is a status update you just made for your newborn’s Facebook profile, now imagine how they’ll feel about that 15 years from now.

Social media pervades most of society’s lives, and with more and more parents, young and old, adopting Facebook as their social network of choice, we have to question how much should parents share about their kids online? New parents are usually quick to post pictures of the newborn, videos even, sometimes creating profiles in their name and speaking for the newborn in first person. Older parents post photos of intimate, sometimes private and embarrassing moments online to Facebook now. Either group though is unaware of the repercussions these actions can have, not only physically for their children but also mentally and emotionally as well.

More and more parents who are part of a new “Generation C”, which stands for parents,…

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