Parents: Are You in Denial of These 3 Big Digital Realities?

1. Your kids need online social networks. You may be dreading the day your child turns 13 since all she wants for her birthday is her long-awaited Facebook account. And you may even decide to hold out a few more years before allowing her to open one. Your fear of the web, and people, gaining more influence in your child’s life, is valid—as are your concerns for your child’s personal safety. It’s a daunting place to be as a parent.

Still the reality remains: Social networking is here to stay. Today’s youth connect on social networks in the same way your generation hung out on the boulevard. It’s the reality of growing up digital. In fact, many teens see no separation between their online and offline conversations. It’s seamless. Teens see their phones as their social lifelines (just try and hide it and you will see the physical affect that…

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