Parents in the Know: Staying on Top of the Slang, Pt. II

The task of parenting a digital native isn’t for the faint of heart. Not only are kids texting and posting in a mysterious, abbreviated code, they are also peppering such code into everyday conversation so that to anyone outside of the “circle” can sound pretty garbled. Demystifying the slang can be a full time job, it seems. However, it’s well worth the time if it means keeping your kids safe online. Here is part II of our ‘Staying on Top of the Slang,’ series. We will continue to keep you updated and in the know.



Requestion: A word that is a combination of the words ‘request’ and ‘question.’

Awsomity: A word that reflects highest state of awesomeness.

Busted: A word describing someone who is unattractive.

Yolla: A greeting that is a combination of the words ‘yo’ and ‘holla.’

Whatevs: Another word for ‘whatever.’

Gangsta: Someone is who is…

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