Plug Your Kids Into the Power of Eye Contact

Reminding parents and kids to stop and make eye contact should not be worthy of a blog post. I mean, didn’t we master this skill somewhere in the 16th century? Unfortunately, in today’s gadget-happy culture, this lost art is positioned for a long-overdue comeback.

We talk on this blog a lot about teaching kids to navigate the online world. It’s our goal to help you raising cyber savvy, cyber safe kids who can hold their own and not get trampled online. We talk about privacy issues, social issues, and all the emotional and physical threats our kids carry in their pockets on a single device.

However, if you leave out the critical detail of making eye contact regularly with your child then anything you attempt to teach her about online safety, well, it may just slip into the abyss.

So we pause and recommend (rather plead) with parents to please, stop, drop (the gadget) and…

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