Raising Cyber Savvy Kids Who Can Spot an Online Predator

It seems that every week a new online predator case hits the headlines and when interviewed the family of the victim often says, “I never in a million years thought this could happen in my home, to my child.”

So how exactly does this happen? While it appears absurd to an onlooker, no one is exempt from the deceptive schemes of a predator. Earlier this week we talked about the subtle psychological manipulations online predators use to gain access to a child online.

Predators are shrewd, conniving, mentally unbalanced people who spend hours and months searching out and “grooming” kids online. Their goal is to get a child to post pornographic photos or to meet them in person to exploit them or hurt them. It’s what they do.

Instilling fear about “the bad guys” online won’t go far in equipping your kids. However, building a good offense of cyber…

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