“Sextortion” Newest Trap for Teens on The Internet

The unfortunate practice of “sexting” has spurred a new and more potentially damaging hazard into teen lives: Sextortion.

Sextortion describes blackmailing someone into performing sexual acts, ranging from posing for webcams to physical intercourse, and usually happens in the following way: a teen will upload revealing/embarassing photos or videos of him or herself via text, social network, or some other mean common to “sexting.” Then someone will find the photo or video, contact the teen, and blackmail them into some sort of sexual act, usually recorded via webcam or documented in other digital means.

These cases can go both ways, as we’ve read of teens who immediately turned the tables on their blackmailers and involved the police immediately. This is the best means that teens have to fight back: do not participate, and immediately turn the evidence over to their parents and the police.

Unfortunately, there have been several documented…

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