Sharing for Sharing’s Sake

Being in the online safety industry, I read a good bit about new technologies and the reactions to it.

Take, for instance, the reaction of Anne Collier as reported by Larry Magid, to the new photo-sharing app Color, which creates location-based photo sharing networks:

Anne Collier worries that the service could be used by “a bunch of 11-year-olds in various stages of undress, snapping away at a slumber party; or slightly more grown-up people in the late stages of a frat party, experiencing reduced levels of critical thinking.”

What emerges from studying these reactions is a widening gulf between the members of the press who actively cover new technologies and their possibly troublesome applications, and the kids, teens, and adults using them.

As many prominent thought-leaders in technology have observed, privacy is either dead or dying, primarily because of the new abilities and possibilities that technology is offering people. That…

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