Spring Cleaning: It’s Time to Refresh Your Tech

Alas, it’s spring. Cleaning and organizing your home or office? This is a great time to go the extra step and spruce up your technology.

Here are four ways to think about your routine:

Clean it up. A year of working online goes by in a flash and your technology pays for it. Use a can of compressed air to unearth any stray food, hair, or lint from your keyboard. Be sure to blow the air to the left or right so that the air doesn’t push crumbs further into your keyboard. Next, dab some alcohol on a cotton ball and clean the your keys, mouse, and area around your keyboard.  Don’t use a liquid cleaner of any kind. Use a lint-free cloth daily to keep the area clean. Free it up: Free up space on your PC. For a Mac, go into Disk Utility and click “Verify Disk.” Wait…

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