Three Signs Your Teen May Be Sexting and What to Do About It

I will be the first to confess that sometimes when I look at my kids, my eyes do not work. Seriously. They recalibrate to another version of reality; the comfortable one. Sometimes when I look at my kids, a soft focus frames the picture and butterflies and sunshine fill in around their little faces. Nope, I do not see them at their true ages—12 and 17—I see them at four, or six or nine. Ah, nine was nice—back “Before Cell phones” (BC) barged in and disrupted the idyllic picture.

It is hard for parents to imagine the possibility that their kids could be like “those other kids” online; that they could bend the rules, accept a stranger’s friend request, blast out personal information, or even engage in the unimaginable act of sexting.

Nope, not our kids.

But it happens. Every day.

And, as parents, it is critical to parent from an AC…

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