Three Words Every Parent Needs to Know


Have you noticed that commonplace words don’t quite mean what they used to? It’s a subtle but alarming shift when simple words such as “grooming,” “mirroring” and “fishing” take on entirely new meanings when it comes to the web and the threat of online predators.


Here are three words as a parent you may want to “re learn,” understand, and explain to your kids. 

Grooming. Predators are calculating. Online predators do not think the way you think or act the way you act. Their motives and minds work on a drastically different cog. So understanding a predator and teaching your family what to be on guard against takes learning about a whole other breed of human. Predators view tracking down a child online as a type of cat and mouse game. There’s triumph in the hunt for a predator. They invest a great deal of time—sometimes months—trying to get…

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