To Skype or Not to Skype: What Parents Need to Know About Video Chat

Captain Kirk isn’t the only one who gets to video chat these days. If your kids have a smart phone or laptop, they are likely having a lot of fun online. Video chatting can come in the form of FaceTime (iphones) or Skype, the online video chat app for any computer or smartphone; even Google + and Facebook have video chat options.

Video chatting for kids can be great. It’s an easy way to get more “hang time” and build friendships, do homework, and even go to events without “going” out. Communicating via video is here to stay for sure and getting more popular on mobile devices.

With every new digital craze comes a new set of concerns for parents. Skyping and video chat can take a turn for the worst as onetime innocent online chats evolve into inappropriate conversations, sexting, and dangerous relationships.

Here’s a brief guide to…

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