Understanding ‘Location Services’ and Your Kids’ Mobile Digital Trail

Few people understand the power of the ‘location services’ option on their smart phones. The service, which uses GPS to pin point your location, is impressive when it comes to many of the downloadable apps that require your “location” to bring up things such as nearby coffee spots, restaurants, coupons, or check-in options.

Often the “fun” of Location Services, basically GPS, overshadows the risks. Before letting your teens use Location Services, teach them safe practices to avoid giving out too much information.

Tips for mobile safety:

·       Turn off the overall “Location Services” in your phone in ‘Settings’ when not related to  frequently used apps.

·       Discuss safe “check-in” practices with your kids—or if they should use it at all.

·       Review privacy settings with your kids. Run through your kids’ mobile apps in “Settings.” Many times, they’ve selected “Allow Location Services” when downloading an app and do not…

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