Can the ‘Truth’ Hurt? New App ‘Truth’ has the Potential

By Wayne Denner

It seems the anonymous messaging craze continues to grow with new Apps being launched every week. Over the past few months I’ve looked at a number of them with the aim of keeping Parents informed on the Whats What of their children’s social media use and young people aware of how to protect their Online Reputation.

Now Parents, you will be able to breathe a brief sigh of relief as this App is only currently available in North America and Canada – but nevertheless I still felt the need to write this blog ahead of its launch in other regions, which may be in the not- so- distant future.

The App is called ‘Truth’. Basically how it works is you download it to your Smartphone (currently only available on IOS) Apple, but the developers are working on a version for Android. The App then allows you to anonymously message your friends via your Phone contact list. Now what’s different about this App, unlike others I’ve reviewed lately is that if the receiver of the message is not currently a Truth user ie they don’t have the App downloaded onto their phone, they will receive a text …read more

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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