The Day He Let an Intruder into His Home

The Intruder of Porn

It’s a dark, moonless night. You’ve been asleep for hours. A strange sound jars you awake and you rub your eyes, listening for the sound again, a deep feeling of apprehension rising in your heart. There it is again; a bump, a rough scrape.

It’s coming from the living room.

You rise, frantically looking for something with which you can defend yourself, should things get ugly. As you crack the door to your bedroom, you notice the beam of a flashlight penetrating the darkness down the hall.

We’re being robbed, you conclude.

Tiptoeing down the hall, the golf club in your hand cocked back, you peer around the corner into the living room. There, stooped behind your big screen TV, is a burly, muscle-laden man. You don’t know what to do. You don’t want to take the chance that you can make it back to your room to get your cell phone without making noise. You decide that the only thing you can do is confront the man. You decide to bluff.

“I’ve got a gun pointed at the back of your head, so don’t you move,” you say.

You see the man tense as he slowly emerges from behind the TV. His stubble-covered face reveals a soul without conscience.

“What’s the big deal?” he asks, seeming truly perplexed. “It’s me.”

“I don’t know you,” you interrupt. “Stay where you are.”

“Sure you do,” he answers. “I’ve been living here, right under this roof for years.”

“You’re crazy. Don’t move”

“Look,” he says, as he rises to his full seven foot height, “You’re the one who let me in here in the first place. Could you put the gun down?”

Though it seems impossible, something deep inside tells you that his words are true. You did let him in, though you can’t remember doing it.

. . . .

I know, that’s an unbelievable scenario, but it’s sadly true of many Christian families today. The intruder is pornography, and you may have invited him into your home long ago, without even realizing he was there. His only goal, like that of his master, is to steal, kill, and destroy the people most precious to you, and the Christ-centered home you desire so much (John 10:10).

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