What I Wish My Parents Had Told Me About Sex

Sex wasn’t something we talked much about at my house growing up. Yes, my dad gave me the ol’ birds and bees talk and yes, I was taught that God wanted me to save sex for marriage. Thankfully, that teaching took. I made it to marriage a virgin. But I can tell you waiting was not always easy. So what do I wish my parents told me about sex?

Maybe how awesome it is and how great it is to share that kind of intimacy with someone you’ve promised to spend the rest of your life with. Of course parents don’t usually sit around the dinner table and say to their kids, “Sex is so awesome!” or “Your mom is one hot lover!”. That would be really awkward and probably cause some sort of psychological damage. My wife and I are not shy about kissing if front of our kids but that alone causes groans and comments like “Could you stop that!”. So how do you share with your kids how wonderful the gift of sex is?

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