5 Surprising Ways to Slash Screen Time & Save Summer

By Toni Birdsong


I’m currently in a staring match with summer and just three weeks in, I have yet to blink. I have a decision to make each and every day as a parent. Will I forfeit the hours to my child’s beloved (and preferred) gadgets, or, will I fight to make the minutes, hours, and days of amazing?

Just so happens I have a hero complex so, personally, I’m shooting for amazing.

I’ve done the math. In two and a half months of summer break, my child and I will have 73 full days to spend how we choose. That’s 10.2 weeks, 1,752 hours, and 105,120 minutes.

In that chunk of time (which neither of us can get back by the way), there’s no doubt, if given free reign over the direction of their summer, most teens would do the familiar: squander countless hours on YouTube or mastering the next level of Call of Duty.

And just in case you or I slip into a parent coma in the next few weeks and begin to lazily persuade ourselves that our kids will be “just fine” glued to their screens all summer, we’d be wise to consult McAfee’s 2014 Teens and Screens study. The recent study …read more

Read the full article here: http://blogs.mcafee.com/consumer/5-surprising-ways-slash-screen-time-save-summer

Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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