Driven to Distraction

By Cybermum Australia

Teaching our kids how to stay safe online is one of the highest priorities for parents in this digital age. But what about staying safe WHILE online? Do we need to add this to our parenting checklist?


Teaching our kids how to make good decisions about where and when to use technology is especially relevant when it comes to mobile phones and driving. As a parent of a 17 year old ‘learner’ driver, I am super keen to ensure that he understands how distracting and dangerous using a mobile phone can be while driving. Whether it is Facebook, texting or using Google Maps, driving while using a phone can have devastating consequences.

Recently, US woman Courtney Sanford died in a collision with a truck while posting to Facebook. The most tragic and ironic part of the story? Courtney was posting about how great singer Pharrell’s Happy song made her feel!

US crash investigators believe that as Courtney was posting to Facebook, she lost control of her car and crossed the median strip ploughing straight into a truck coming in the other direction. Investigators also reported that Courtney had also been posting selfies as …read more

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