Give Your Children The Digital Lock – Teach Them To Protect Personal Data

By Anindita Mishra


Recently, a Mother was sharing with me how her child started receiving calls and friendship request from complete strangers. The family was worried and puzzled as to how her phone number had become public. Then one day, a caller informed that he had got the number on an online dating service. Investigation revealed that the girl had participated in an online quiz and she had shared her mail id and cell number to get detailed results!

This is not a one-off case. According to the findings of the McAfee “Tweens And Technology Report 2013”, 41% of the tweens surveyed share information about themselves over FB! This is just the tip of the iceberg in my opinion, considering the huge Indian tween and teen population that go online everyday!

A Platter Full of Personal Data Anyone?

Sometimes, children, and even adults, offer their personal data on a platter to cyber crooks without realizing it. Remember that free game you had downloaded that had asked for your e-mail id, phone, PIN code to allow you access? Or that online competition where you had to share your date of birth, qualifications and current occupation? Many such dubious sites collect more information than they require and …read more

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