How Social Media Helps Us Grieve

By Cybermum Australia

The loss of a beloved family member can be so hard. The pain and heartache feels relentless. In years gone past, families were often able to physically rally around each other and provide the support so needed. However in our crazy modern age where global citizenship, time poverty and a more fluid family structure prevails, grieving has changed.

We all loved Facebook for reuniting us with old friends from previous lives however the role of Facebook and other social media platforms in helping the grieving connect and process the passing of a loved one has become remarkably powerful.

Sharing the news of a loved one’s passing on Facebook almost always opens the floodgates of support. The expressions of sympathy and kindness that ensue, provide great comfort to those grieving. Those who have experienced the death of a family member often report that it is the sharing of stories and anecdotes of a recently departed loved one that really helps connect them to the memories and process the passing.

Many experts believe that the reason social media is particularly helpful to those grieving is because it provides a structure and framework that allows friends to easily express sympathy and …read more

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