Keeping Your Kids Safe Online, Is It On Your ‘To-Do’ List?

By Cybermum Australia

Sun safety, road safety, stranger danger… we all know that it is essential we teach our kids the key facts but what about internet safety? Do you have it on your list?

With four kids, a job, ridiculous amounts of activities, pets and a regularly travelling husband, my to-do list is long and never-ending. I sometimes feel that I cut so many corners to keep on track that I am just going round in circles. We eat breakfast in the car and often practice instruments en-route to lesson – in the car also! The thought of trying to squeeze in yet another task genuinely makes me sweat.

So, it’s understandable that parents feel like internet safety is something that can go on the bottom of their to-do lists. Many parents assume that their children’s school has it covered so they don’t need to go there, but let me assure you, parents absolutely need to go there – and here’s why:

1. Your children can’t understand risk and consequences until they are at least 20

The human brain does not reach full maturity until around the age of 20. Dr Justin Coulson, parenting expert, states …read more

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