McAfee joins City Council and Local Police Department at STOP IT! (Identity Theft) Symposium

By Peter Andrada

Peter Andrada, McAfee, and Councilman Johnny Khamis

Peter Andrada, McAfee, and Councilman Johnny Khamis

Saturday, June 21st, was an exciting day! I am so glad to have been a part of the San Jose City Council and the San Jose Police Department’s (SJPD) first ever STOP IT! (I.D. Theft) Symposium, a new symposium that addresses both prevention and recovery from identity theft. The event was held at Branham High School and brought together area residents, law enforcement, city staff, non profits as well as corporate experts on I.D. Theft, financial crimes and online safety. It was a great event designed to educate the local community on one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States.

There are 1,000,000 residents in San Jose and only three police officers to handle I.D. Theft. As a way to scale information to the community, the City Council teamed up with the SJPD and they brought in Intel Security, Target, Wells Fargo, and non-profits The Identity Theft Council and

There were hundreds of attendees at the event. I sat on an expert panel of four alongside an I.D. Theft expert, a Wells Fargo investigative lead and a State of California financial crimes specialist. Next, I hosted a break-out session titled, …read more

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