Self-Destructing Messages in IOS8

Article by Wayne Denner

I’m a massive fan of Apple. I’ve got the MacBook, the iPhone and the Ipad.

For me their device’s have always served me well – their intuitive processes never cease to amaze me. Let’s face it – everything they do within their technological advancements leaves many users in awe. And I’m no different.

Each year, just like Christmas, their annual developers conference rolls around and I can’t help but feel like a child on Christmas morning, waiting to see what I’m going to get from the mighty Apple.

But the outcome of this year’s developers conference was a little different for me – although Apple are going to release a ton of new stuff which will make their users experience better there was one element I felt a little uneasy about.

Apple Messages, which is the most used app on IOS is getting a massive overhaul in IOS8. Now in theory I have no problem with them introducing audio and video chat – something which their competitors, such as WhatsApp, have been offering for a while. But they have decided to take it One Step Further and here is where I start to feel a little anxious – with their plan to introduce self-destructing …read more

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