#1 Destroyer of Family

By Hysen Sisco


The family – perhaps YOUR family – is under attack.

Will you give $25, $50 or whatever you can today to change this.

Sadly, 56% of divorces cite Internet pornography as a major factor in the breakup of their marriage. It destroys intimacy, trust and love. The deepest, most fulfilling relationships that we can have with another are being ripped apart because of this growing pandemic. Many of our young men and women aren’t even capable of forming this special relationship with another because they are getting a regular diet of this degrading and deviant material before they even reach puberty.

No group in America is doing more than MIM to stop this threat. I hope you know that. And that is why I urge you to help us meet our critical goal this week of $100,000.

Summertime is the worst time for our fundraising – few donations come in but I want you to know that there isn’t a day all summer long that we aren’t working for you and your family. I promise you that!

Please give a contribution today.

Here are a few examples about how we are working to help strengthen families:

Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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