Cyberbullying – Where Did It All Start?

By Cybermum Australia

You would be hard pressed to find a parent who doesn’t worry about cyberbullying, and rightly so. Cyberbullying can be absolutely devastating for victims. A quick ‘google’ provides parents with a list of tragic cases of young adults who have suffered significant psychological trauma or even lost their lives as a result of unchecked cyberbullying.

Where did it all begin? Clearly bullying existed before the onset of the ‘cyber’ world. It is not a new concept. Many anthropologists believe bullying was in fact evident right from the birth of our species and was inherited from our primal ancestors. According to Christopher Boehm, PhD in his book Moral Origins, monkeys and chimpanzees regularly engaged in bullying-like behaviours which provided advantages such as enhanced social status, much needed resources or ‘reproductive opportunities’ (aka the best looking mate!) to the bully.

Fast forward to the birth of the homo-sapiens and add to the mix the human ingredients of language and culture, and bullying is transformed from a social dominance or survival strategy to an insidious and destructive activity. Anthropologist Hogan Sherrow believes the ability of language to facilitate communicate, coordinate behaviours, express thoughts and gossip has completely altered the intensity and impact …read more

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