Help Us End The Violence!

By Hysen Sisco


Our pornified culture is leading to an overwhelming acceptance of sexual violence.

Studies show that porn users frequently believe:

  • their behavior is normal, acceptable and common
  • their behavior doesn’t hurt anyone;
  • “NO” actually means “YES!”
  • it is all about “ME” and there is no need to consider the needs or feelings of the other person;
  • all men pay for sex and go to prostituted women;
  • performers never say no to anything and never reject sexual advances;
  • sex is always casual, non-intimate and recreational;
  • rape victims experienced pleasure and “got what she wanted;”
  • rapists deserve less jail time;
  • women are sex objects;
  • more self-reported likelihood of forcing a woman sexually;
  • engaging in more sexual harassment behaviors;
  • creating more sexually violent fantasies to get aroused;

Some of the current events we’re battling that demonstrate just how pervasive these myths have become:

  • There has been a dramatic increase of sexual assault in the U.S. Military;
  • There is a new reality show encouraging people to pressure their friends via Twitter into participating in a series of porn scenes. The popularity of the show further normalizes the violence in porn and lies that it is a glamorous, fun, safe life;
  • Top universities around the country are hosting “Sex Week” where many of the events teach bondage and sadomasochism and feature parties where …read more

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