Larry Flynt on the Demise of Hustler

By Hysen Sisco

In a Bloomberg Television interview on July 28, porn publisher Larry Flynt revealed, due to the prevalence of Internet porn, “I don’t think Hustler is going to be around very much longer.”

With that statement, the 71-year-old mogul has inadvertently given hope to the anti-sexual exploitation movement. If one of the largest porn publishers removes its product from the shelves, the others must be close behind.

The demise of the porn magazines is certainly healthy for society as porn and sexual exploitation disappears from the landscape. While porn can still be found online, our children would no longer be confronted by it at the grocery store, the airport, and Barnes & Noble. It will be wonderful to have some place real where porn is not constantly in front of our faces.

We hope hotel chains and cable companies follow suit to remove superfluous porn from the environments we occupy.

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