My Story: Not just a man’s battle

By Hysen Sisco

My name is Sarah, I am a mom of 5 wonderful children, a wife of 18 years to an amazing husband, and a leader of a very prominent women’s organization. I have the perfect life. Until today, I have never breathed a word of my story my story to anyone. I am a leader in our community. The thought of speaking these words out loud come with many consequences. Everything in my life fits into a nice beautiful shadow box placed on the beautiful walls of my home. There is no room in this shadowbox for any dark secrets. There is no room in my life for shame. I have remained silent. After all, it is MY struggle and I am sure no other woman on earth has this struggle. It’s my cross to bear.

As I shoved my cross in my pocket, the monster kept rearing its ugly head as I watched the social media world light up with this new phenomenon called “Fifty Shades of Grey,” a trilogy that was developed from a Twilight fan fiction. This book is classified as “erotic literature” intended to arouse the reader. Women are flocking to it like magnets. …read more

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