Planned Parenthood:

By Hysen Sisco

Planned Parenthood provides many services to their communities, including harmful information about healthy sex practices.

The organization has been recorded (some below) on many occasions giving information and advice to actors posing as 15-year-olds about ways to practice BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism), suggesting they read 50 Shades of Grey for inspiration.

They have also counseled actors playing sex traffickers on how to protect their “property” by maintaining the minimum sexual health for the women they pimp out.

The Planned Parenthood website contains a wealth of information advising sex acts made popular and mainstream by porn.

On the Understanding Sexual Activity page, the organization explains “Some Less Common Sexual Activities”:

  • SM (sadomasochism) — the use of domination and/or pain for sexual arousal.
  • BD (bondage and discipline) — sexual role play that includes elements of SM.
  • paraphilia — one of a wide variety of uncommon sex practices that a person may find necessary for sexual arousal and orgasm.
  • watersports — using urine or urination as a part of sex

Just because a sexual behavior isn’t common or some people disapprove of it or the reasons people enjoy it, doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with it. Many people enjoy less common kinds of sex, …read more

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