Sexting: Life in the Void

By Hysen Sisco


By Shane Diffily, co-partner at SelfieCop

Parents. Let’s try a thought experiment.

Imagine you could track just 10% of everything you child does.

For example, just 10% of the movies they watch or 10% of the places they go, or 10% of the people they meet?

Scary isn’t it?

Well, welcome to your child’s smartphone!

10% is precisely the amount of knowledge most parents have about how their kids are using their phones.

For example, a recent study found that although 80% of kids own smartphones, a full 90% of activity is completely unsupervised.

According to the respected security firm McAfee, 75% of parents say they simply don’t have time to keep up with advancements in technology. Indeed, 1-in-4 parents admit to having given up trying to monitor their children’s digital lives at all!

The sad truth is that this lack of oversight has created a void into which children can disappear for long periods – and the results are not good.

In particular, the phenomenon of “sexting” is now causing real damage.

A perfect storm of technology & hormones

Sexting is defined as the practice of taking nude or partially nude digital images and sending them to another person, whether via SMS, social media or smartphone apps.

Professor Lori Andrews at the …read more

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