We Must Address the Demand

By Hysen Sisco

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You are helping us to stop the demand for exploited women & children.

“There would be a break-in process where she would get tied up to a toilet without water or any food or nothing.”

“At that point, we would offer drugs because that would start the numbing – numbing the soul against anything that’s gonna happen.”

“They were still children. You could see it in the way they acted.”

Those are just some of the horrifying details that Jacob—a former international crime-syndicate’s hired hand—agreed to share on camera about his former work mentally “breaking” 15 and 16-year-old foreign girls who had just been told of their new lives as sex slaves.

The ugly truth is it’s pornography that drives much of this madness.

Men, viewing pornographers’ supposedly “harmless” smut, get infected with the desire to act out what they see.

Since they find few women willing to engage in the deviant acts they see, demand for prostituted women dramatically increases—providing criminals with enormous incentives to force innocent young girls into sex slavery

Sex trafficking is a worldwide epidemic that is rising rapidly in the United States. Pornography is fueling the demand for trafficked women and children. A recent study found that men who frequently …read more

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