ACTION The Economist: Legalizing Prostitution is Not the Solution

By Hysen Sisco


We need your help to fight the legalization of prostitution.

Last week, The Economist published their cover story which advocates for the decriminalization of prostitution, arguing that doing so would be beneficial for our communities and for the prostituted women.

It is surprising that such a respected magazine, which publishes well-researched, substantive articles, would ignore the more subtle and broader complications to such a proposal.

Legalizing prostitution would only define the buying and selling of human beings—otherwise known as slavery—and violence against women, children and men as a commercial enterprise.

It would give traffickers a green light by the government to ensnare, enslave and exploit women and children publicly without fear of legal consequences. In addition, legalizing prostitution would not make it easier to protect prostituted women as it is impossible to fully protect anyone in prostitution, whose source of income is dependent on violent pimps and johns.

YOU can do something about this.


Let the editors and publishers at The Economist know that advocating for such legislation will simply rebrand violent acts, such as sexual abuse, rape, or battery, as legal prostitution and make it easier for traffickers to operate.

You can defend dignity and oppose exploitation right from your home by …read more

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