Morality in Media: waging war against pornography since 1962 (KSL)

By Hysen Sisco

By Jen Allred
September 8th, 2014

The battle against pornography and sexual exploitation is raging, and staggering are the accounts of casualties that pornography leaves in its wake: the addicts, trapped in the desensitizing cycle of addiction; the exploited pornography participants; the addict’s spouse and loved ones who have to deal with feelings of betrayal and a sense of lowered self-esteem; and those who have fallen prey to sexual abuse, abduction and horrific acts that fill our news feeds.

The sexual exploitation pandemic spreads through our computers, our phones, our televisions, businesses and homes. If it isn’t in your home already, it is pounding on your front door.

Morality in Media is a national organization that has taken up the fight against sexual exploitation. The group’s website says it was organized in 1962 by an interfaith group of clergy who grew concerned by an incident in which grade-school children were “caught with hardcore pornography.” The site also says the group is now “the leading national organization opposing pornography and indecency through public education and the application of the law.”

Hysen Sisco, with press inquiries at Morality in Media, said, “We defend the natural human dignity that we believe everyone has …read more

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