Proof the Tide is Turning!

By Hysen Sisco


The tide is turning in this fight against sexual exploitation. I have felt growing momentum over the last couple of years and now I find myself yelling “A movement has started!” We have worked tirelessly over the last few years to really bring leaders and experts together, to galvanize public outcry against all exploitation and to oppose the continued pornification of our society.

We are seeing significant changes.

Google, Verizon, the United States Congress, the Department of Defense, Paypal, Groupon, BP Oil, Facebook, and others have changed course and are starting to recognize that we are experiencing a public health crisis as a result of widespread pornography.

Just this morning, I read an article in the porn industry’s trade publication – they are scared! They see the tide turning too. They recognize that we are coming for them and that we are collectively saying no more to sexual exploitation.

They claim that this is a result of “right wing and religious organizations,” but the truth is that there is a movement bigger than that! Yes, we have brought together right wing and religious organizations. But, we have also brought law enforcement, scholars, mental health professionals, feminists and women’s rights activists, child advocates, elected officials …read more

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