What I Do Online: My Favourite Home And Interior Sites

By Cybermum Australia

It is probably fair to say that I have an addiction for perusing online homewares and interior decorating blogs, stores and sites. There are many days when I will even give myself a time allowance – otherwise my children would starve!

Once I have finished all of my essential domestic online activities (like Coles Online, iHerb and Grocery Run), I make myself a cup of Earl Grey and get into the fun stuff – homewares and interiors.

But before I share my fave sites with you, here are my top tips for shopping online safely.

  1. Only buy from secure sites. Look for the padlock or ensure the address starts with an https not just an http
  2. Keep all transaction records. Important to track and useful in case of a dispute
  3. Trust your gut and don’t shop at a site if you are not comfortable. If the pictures are dodgy and there are spelling mistakes best to find another online retailer!
  4. Use a Safe Searching tool so you know whether a site is safe. Why not download McAfee’s free Site Advisor for peace of mind!

So, here is where I spend the bulk of my time (and money!) online:

  1. Pinterest – The best way to collect …read more

    Read the full article here: http://blogs.mcafee.com/consumer/family-safety/online-favourite-home-interior-sites

Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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