Is Your Child is Being Bullied? Don’t Miss These 10 Signs . . .

By Toni Birdsong


She used to tell you everything. Her face lit up as she bounded into the car with her oversized backpack and began rattling off the details of her school day.

Fast-forward just a few years.She’s easy to spot in the distance. She glances down as she scurries across the parking lot, her smile is frayed and unsure, and when she gets in the car it’s usually you who does most of the talking.

The transition from elementary to junior high is tough on a parent but far more challenging for a child who has to navigate the social waters both online and in ever-changing personal relationships.

While some of the physical, emotional, and social changes taking place in your tween may fall into “normal” developmental cycles, there are a few behavioral red flags that can signal some form of bullying taking place behind the scenes.

October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month and the perfect time to hit pause and assess the emotional climate of your tweens and teens.

According to a 2014 McAfee study, cyberbullying is on the rise with 87% of youth having witnessed cyberbullying due to appearance (72%) race or religion (26%) and sexuality (22%). Pretty startling is this sad …read more

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