The Face of Addiction

By Hysen Sisco


By Jaron J. Rice

My name is Jaron Jeffrey Rice and I’m a recovering porn addict. That’s a weird thing to read isn’t it? I’ve got to tell you, it’s a weird thing to type.

Though science have proven time and time again that porn addiction is in fact a real addiction, there are still many people who don’t believe it and truly don’t understand. I get it, truly I do. Addiction is a disease, so when you say that someone is addicted to pornography or sex there is a tendency to want to take all of the personal responsibility away from their actions, the way that you would for someone who’s addicted to heroin or crystal meth.

“Johnny’s not a bad guy who would normally steal from his grandmother, but he’s a heroin addict, and like most addicts he’ll do whatever it takes to get his fix.”

“Jane isn’t a bad girl who would normally trade sexual favors for cash, but there she is on the corner selling her body so she can score some meth.”

While their actions are a direct result of their addiction, ultimately they are still responsible for them; and the same concept applies to porn addicts.

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